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Who am I

"I have worked for quite a few companies in the ICT sector. In 1994, I decided to start my own business in Internet marketing and web development.

After 7 years of hard work which involved long hours, high staff costs, little time for my family and myself, a lot of stress and pressure. I decided to call it a day.

I started looking for a different way of working and making money. Thanks to an entrepreneur friend, this unique concept came my way. And I immediately saw the unique opportunities to build a nice business with this.

I started this in April 2011 and after 6 months I was able to stop my business. Thanks to the digital age we are in now, everything goes much faster, the possibilities are endless and it is possible to earn more with fewer hours if you have a system that works for you. Now I also coach and mentor other people who are looking for more income, more time and a beautiful lifestyle."

Read further at the bottom of this page the STORIES of people I have already coached to achieve their goals. If you would like more information, please fill in the form below.

Life does not have to consist only of work. Because there is more.

Live NOW, Kristof Deferm

I support

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  1. You work in your own environment, without stress

  2. You determine your own working hours and work at your own pace

  3. No loss of time due to commuting (no traffic jams)

  4. Ideal to combine with your current job or company

  5. No diploma or work experience required

  6. We guarantee a punctual monthly payment!

  7. You can earn money 24/7

  8. Working worldwide is possible (in more than 165 countries)

  9. Free guidance and support in your own language

  10. No limited income (full-time income or more is possible)

Who is this interesting for?
  1. You are looking for a supplementary or replacement income

  2. You want an extra savings every month

  3. You currently do not have enough income to pay for everything and the 4th week of the month is often too much. You live under stress to pay your bills.

  4. You are looking for a new challenge and want more financial freedom.

  5. You want more time for yourself or your family. Nice lifestyle :-)

What not to do?
  1. No need to hand out leaflets

  2. No filling out surveys

  3. No administrative work at home

  4. No mystery shopping

  5. No door-to-door sales

  6. No need to convince anyone

  7. No manual work such as typing, writing texts, folding, ...

  8. Answering e-mails or other tedious robot tasks

  9. You do not have to work for a telecom operator or call centre

  10. You don't have to work 40h a week to realise a full-time income.

"A full-time income
With 5 to 10 hours a week to work"

Laptop Lifestyle


Debby Jansen Forever Living.jpg

Debby Jansen

I am Debby Jansen 47 years old, married and mum of a 20-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son. My husband, self-employed in the construction industry for years, and I full-time mum were faced with one of the most difficult periods in our lives 4 years ago. The high workload and stress of the business had taken its toll. As a result, I started looking for a different way of working. Thanks to Kristof Deferm's incredibly good coaching, I have completely blossomed from multitasking housewife thanks to this unique HOME business. This allows me to enjoy our FREEDOM more. I can always be there as a mum for my children and we can enjoy life more together as a family. I am therefore very grateful that this unique HOME business concept came our way.


Chantal Eykens

After my training, I immediately started working as a freelance hairdresser for 33 years. I knew immediately that working for a boss was not an option.
Freedom and steering my own course was the vision I had...
Having my own business also means working a lot of hours, little pension and taking risks, and over the years I found that this caused more STRESS. As a result of a road accident, I was incapacitated for 4 months.  Being self-employed means "not working no money".
The expenses keep up the income falls away .
It was then that I started looking for CHANGE I wanted to create an income that I could develop alongside my main job .
4 years ago this way of working came my way , for me an opportunity to work on my retirement plan . Through this unique HOME BUSINESS I am building a beautiful future without worries .

angelique syroit.jpg

Angélique Syroit

During a yoga workshop, I was talking to a colleague about my body practice and how, as a self-employed person, I passionately invest in my job but it was still difficult to make a financial profit from it, let alone 'make ends meet'. My job is my passion but also creates enormous work pressure and therefore stress. But above all, it leaves little time for my family. Thanks to my enthusiasm for what I do, I kept going, but the worries, fears, frustrations followed in quick succession. Until the moment that colleague introduced me to a HOMEWORK company - in my eyes the economic model for the future. I was looking for financial peace, more time and space for my family and myself. Only then would I stay in my power to continue doing what I love, without the turmoil. The best thing about this whole story is that you are not alone. Thanks to Kristof's experiences, insights and tremendous support towards myself and our team, I was able to grow in the business and create a better lifestyle for myself. But I have big dreams. I know this is just the beginning.... Thanks to this company, I can finally realise beautiful things for my family and myself.


Christine De Love

For more than 18 years, I was full-time self-employed. This comes with a lot of stress and little time for yourself and your family. Also, 3 beautiful grandchildren have since been born for whom I wanted to help take care of. 3 years ago, I came across this new way of working. Thanks to this "Homebusiness", a unique home-based earning model, I have been able to partly shift my income. I now work half-time from home and can enjoy this new life. Partly because of this new balanced work, I can also exercise again, which benefits my health.

What motivated me immediately is that I was not alone. I could immediately count on the support and guidance of my colleagues and coach. Kristof Deferm taught me to take on new challenges, which also means personal growth for me. I am again enjoying the combination with my current job and my efforts are being rewarded. It feels so good to have time again for each other, my children, grandchildren and myself. I am grateful for this.


Claudia en Kris

I have been running my own hair salon for more than 25 years. Making people beautiful fascinated me from my childhood years. But the long working days and many hours of standing up weighed down physically.

The question, what if I cannot keep doing my passion until retirement gave me more and more inner turmoil.

This brought me to this unique Homeworking Concept.

Together with my husband Kris, we support people who want to generate an extra income from home in addition to their job or business.

More security for later, an extra income to enjoy, more free time, more travelling, building up an extra pension,...

Thanks to this Homeworking Concept, I have found my inner peace again. With it, we take responsibility for our own future and that of our children. We help each other and can now help others do the same!


More info?

Do you also wish to build a nice income? Fill in the contactform for more info.


Laptop Lifestyle






"TIME is precious and thanks to our UNIQUE LAPTOP LIFESTYLE model, we can help you enjoy LIFE more."


Laptop Lifestyle Business

Kristof Deferm

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